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Kyle Doran has a strict zero tolerance policy for poor logic. Functionality and output are top virtues in his mind and he makes sure Presence reflects those values.

Kyle got his start as a digital marketer while working as a professional musician in Nashville. As a life-long "geek" he had a natural aptitude for all things computer interfaces. After witnessing the vacuum of digital promotion amongst struggling artists, he realized he had found his niche. Shortly thereafter he headed back to Denver to jump in with some local startups to help them develop their brands and operations. Those efforts allowed him to build a reputation amongst business owners in the area as, you guessed it, The Wizard. That reputation has spring-boarded him into his first venture, Presence Media. We're lucky to have him.



Kyle Rutten is the quintessential "realist." He has been self-employed since he graduated high-school, giving him a battle hardened view of what is possible and what is not. He will never promise something his business can't deliver.

When he was just seventeen, Kyle built his first website in order to sell custom-built PC's he made in his mom's basement. Since then he's been deeply involved in the construction of eight different startups in the Greater Denver Area. After time spent surviving in the startup trenches, he soon realized he had a knack for strong design. It's that skill and focus that helped him to gain a strong reputation for creating great design that ultimately allowed him to launch Presence with eager clients already on-board.


Get. Amaze. Convert.

The Internet is bar-none the most powerful tool to connect human beings ever conceived. Leveraging that tool as a business owner can be a massive undertaking. We're here to connect you to the unprecedented power of The Internet, so you can focus on your business and thrive.

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