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Get. Amaze. Convert.

01. Search

Newspaper and magazine ads are a thing of days past. The internet has become the great equalizer, democratizing access to customers. Using the web, businesses can now attract sales unlike any time in human history. Presence Media is here to put that power in your hands.

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02. Design

We believe that smart design is minimal design (google: occam’s razor). We’ve all experienced torturous websites that scream '90’s tech boom.' At Presence Media we won’t rest until these sites have been eradicated...or at least sent into the abyss of irrelevancy by our (badass) clients.

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03. Convert

At Presence Media we recognize that conversion numbers are everything. What’s the point in having tons of visits to your website that never convert to sales? Answer: None. That’s why our team takes an intelligent approach in guiding your site’s visitors, transforming them from prospects into sales.

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3 Steps.


How does it work?

We will analyze your current website for any items hurting you in search rankings. Then, we will draw up a strategy of site changes that will correct those issues.

Next, we'll explore design options to help funnel incoming traffic from visits into sales. All the while, we will have an ongoing assault on outreach to connect to other businesses and bolster your website's authority on the web.

Within no time you will see your site simultaneously transform into a traffic converting machine and climb search rankings at a steady clip. Traffic goes up. Conversions go up. Referrals go up. Sales go up, up, up.

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(It's more than looking cool.)

"You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people."
- Dieter Rams

If the goal is traffic, who cares?

Sure, traffic is a goal. But is traffic THE goal? No. Sales are THE goal. Traffic helps with sales, sure, but let's not get tunnel vision. Just because a site has visitors, doesn't mean that site is making its visitors happy. If we want visitors converting to sales, we need happy visitors. And there is only one road to happy visitors. Design.

What makes Presence good at design?

The short answer: experience. We've been doing this a long time (over a decade). The long answer: we're cheaters. The Internet is an amazing place. You can acquire amazing assets created by other creative professionals and use those to build off of. Graphic assets, stock photography, stock video, website templates, you name it. When you are leveraging design in the name of sales, rapid development is the name of the game. Using these tools (and our experience) makes us good (and fast) designers.

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Rubber, meet road.

Bringing it all together.

At Presence, we have one goal. Making the number in your bank account get bigger. How do we accomplish that? Sales. In the information age, what is the most efficient way to generate sales? Drive copious amount of visitors to a website and converting them. No Very little witchcraft involved.

What is conversion optimization?

Think of a website as a physical place, like a coffeeshop let's say. If you walk into a poorly designed coffeeshop; disheveled, loud, smells bad. You probably won't come back, you may even walk right out. So design is a prerequisite to getting you to stay and spend money. The next thing you'll likely need is a helpful influence that guides you through the transaction. That's what conversion optimization does. Think of conversion optimization as the friendly hipster in the beautiful, new downtown coffee shop that gleefully walks you through every choice they offer and guides you to that perfect cup of Joe.

How do you affect conversions on a website?

We take the approach of viewing your website as a funnel with one mouth and multiple spouts. Each spout being a product or service you offer. The funnel has to be highly intuitive, allowing the user to be subtly guided to the right decision. This funnel, of course, looks very different from site to site. This is why we work closely with our clients to tailor a system that is perfect for their customers.

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A strategy is a must.

We get it. It should be easy, right? Get a site built, plop it online, fire and forget. One problem, that doesn't work. People we reach won't care and people that care, we won't reach.

So what do we do?

First things first, we rank in search. When people search your product/service in Google, you need to show up. Why? 65% of traffic to websites comes from search, that's why. 5% of traffic comes from social media.

But we can't stop there.

Getting visitors is half the battle. At Presence, we've had clients with good traffic to their site but getting almost no sales or leads. Reason being, their site did a horrible job at converting. Your website is your face. It needs to be a pleasant experience. People need to understand its function easily. They also need to be convinced to act on something. If we get traffic and don't get sales, it was all for not.

You Got This.

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