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01. Audit

Every successful campaign starts with a strategy. If we simply jump in and start pushing buttons and pulling levers your progress will be haphazard at best. This is why we start every SEO campaign with an audit, to assess where the site's issues and opportunities lie.

02. Research

While an audit will provide us with the intel we need on your website, keyword research will give us a map of your industry. We use keyword research to identify keyword targets relevant to your niche, as well as the competition that exists and how well they're executing their SEO.

03. Cleanup

It's not unusual for a site to be rife with duplicate content. Thing is, Google hates duplicate content and withhold rankings if it is not handled properly on-page. That's where we come in, to setup you canonical tags and redirects so that your site is clean as a whistle.

04. Optimize

With proper keyword research in hand, we can now target the search queries that will bring you the most traffic. We have proven our ability to turn a strategy into results through careful execution. This is accomplished through properly balancing variables like keyword density, title tags, link structures, and more.

4 Steps.


How does it work?

We will analyze your current website for any items hurting you in search rankings. Then, we will draw up a strategy of site changes that will correct those issues.

Next, we'll research your industry's keyword targets. Search volume tends to concentrate on certain terms, by targeting these terms we can attract more traffic to your website.

Finally, we'll get to work correcting issues we've identified and targeting keywords with strong volume. The effect is dramatic, see for yourself.


A strategy is a must.

We get it. It should be easy, right? Get a site built, plop it online, fire and forget. One problem, that doesn't work. People we reach won't care and people that care, we won't reach.

So what do we do?

First things first, we rank in search. When people search your product/service in Google, you need to show up. Why? 65% of traffic to websites comes from search, that's why. 5% of traffic comes from social media.

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